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Gemstones have been created by nature and person has just given it a shape and name. According to Astrology It is believed that Gemstones is meant to help humans and most of the people wear it for astrology purposes. This is the trend of today that you can put gemstones as fashion adornments, but years ago it was not like this. The kings used to wear Gemstones, for him it was believed that he got courage from those Gemstones and get the strength to fight in the war. This is how we know, how Gemstones are effective

How Effective Is Wearing Gemstone

We should not be careless when putting Gemstone because gemstone is not a minor thing. They have astrological powers and also have both negative and positive energies. For e.g. Like Blue Sapphire gemstone does not suit everyone, Only few people can take its benefits because it is the gemstone of the planet Saturn and Saturn is very powerful and strong Planet.

Correct Recommendations:

To make Gemstone effective, it is necessary to have correct recommendation. To take correct recommendation you have to consult with an expert astrologer who has deep knowledge about gemstones and astrology. He/she will analyze your horoscope and suggest you a stone that is good for you according to your planetary positions in your chart.

Wearing Method:

Wearing method is also important to utilize gemstone powers effectively. Some people wear Gemstone as a ring along with suitable metal. Each and every gemstone has its own rituals of wearing method. So always wear stone under the proper instruction of astrologer along with Pooja and mantra of that particular stone.

One more thing which is necessary that person need to wear prescribes gemstone in the right finger and hand because your fingers and hands are connecting with your Vedic astrology horoscope. There are different gemstones for each finger, and every stone has its own Planets. A stone should touch your skin when you wear any stone.

Always Natural Gemstone:

Always wear unheated, untreated, flawless gemstones which we call natural gemstone. Unheated gemstones are more effective than heated gemstones because when we heat the Gemstone, all its positive power goes away and it will give us only inauspicious results.

Gemstone Metal:

Every single gemstone has its own metal, in which it gives fast benefits like Yellow Sapphire Gemstone should be worn in gold metal to get best results. Everyone makes yellow sapphire ring in gold metal, but if someone makes Pukhraj ring in silver metal instead of gold then the wearer will get inauspicious results.

Gemstone should touch the skin:

It is important that gemstone should be touching the skin, only then the stone will be able to provide you positive results. Gemstone should to be set in a ring or pendant such that it touches the skin. If you wear Gemstone once, it should not get off due to any reason. If you get off ring again-again, it will not give you beneficial results.


Pitambari Sapphire is known for its name because it contains the mixture of Blue sapphire and yellow sapphire gemstone. Pitambari stone represents two planets which are Saturn for blue sapphire and Jupiter for yellow sapphire.

Blue sapphire whose planet is Saturn is highly powerful and effective planet to control the mind, Judgment power and the human spirit. On the other hand, Jupiter Planet affects growth.

Pitambari gemstone is like a blessing stone from Saturn and Jupiter Planet which helps us and protects us from all the negative energy and provide us positive effects.

Origin of Pitambari Gemstone

It is found mainly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Burma. But the sapphire from Sri Lanka is considered best in quality.

According To Astrology

The Pitambari gemstone, a mixture of blue sapphire & Yellow Sapphire is recommended for those people who have an adverse position of Saturn and Jupiter in their horoscope. This extraordinary stone is accepted to counter the malefic impacts of both the planets which include Saturn and Jupiter. Individuals suffering from nightmares and sleepless nights are additionally recommended to wear the yellow blue sapphire stone.

People also suffering from financial problems, absence of focus and disappointment in business can wear this gemstone and receive its rewards. This Sapphire is extremely valuable for veins and nerve infection. It can break up kidney stones and hardened tissue. It enhances confidence and self-esteem. It helps in the absorption of minerals and manages fluid inside the body.

Benefits of Wearing Pitambari Sapphire

  1. Pitambari contains blue sapphire and yellow sapphire gemstone which is highly beneficial for good luck, wealth, name, fame, prosperity, financial growth, development, etc.
  2. It brings joy and happiness in the wearer’s life.
  3. It helps to boost self-confidence in the wearer’s life.
  4. Pitambari has healing power to cure veins and nerve diseases. It can break up kidney stones and hardened tissue.
  5. This stone is very useful for removing depression and worries.

Benefits for profession and career

People in the field of organization, associated administrations, armed force, speaker, instructing, and authority can get groundbreaking success in their career.

Untreated and unheated gemstones have the greatest impact. Same is the situation with Pitambari Neelam in which the measure of transparency is wanted to judge the purity of the stone. Because of comparable properties and high likeness of Pitambari Neelam and blue sapphire, both can act as an alternative for each other.



We all knew about gemstones that are very beneficial for human beings. They have lots of planetary powers to help the humans. There are so many gemstones which help us to heal our diseases and provide us a good life. But “Is there any gemstone which helps the children’s to focus on school work and study?” Yes Friends, there are some Gemstones that helps to concentrate on studying.


Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is the second helpful gemstone for concentrate on studies. Yellow sapphire is the gemstone of Jupiter, planet and according to Hindu astrology, Jupiter is known as Deva Guru (in Hindi). This gemstone is very helpful to increase the intelligence of a person. Also yellow sapphire gemstone (Pukhraj) helps to get success in higher studies. It represents the positive powers of Jupiter Planet. Jupiter blesses its wearer with financial strength, mental peace, intelligence, Good health & wealth, honor and success.



Fluorite is one of the most beautiful and colored gemstone. It is highly beneficial for concentration on any activity. Fluorite gemstone increases the power of concentration and helps with clarity of mind. Whenever you read, you want your mind to be clear so that you can understand what you are reading. This gemstone will help you in this way. Fluorite gemstone comes in green, blue, pink, etc. And it comes in even more colors too.



Stilbite gemstone is also found in many colors like: yellow, brown, orange, red, and green. The gemstone is very helpful for clear thinking, clear mind and help to focus on your activity.



Emerald is the gemstone of planet mercury. Emerald is a powerful gemstone for career success. It is also known as Panna gemstone in (Hindi). Mercury gemstone is the planet of communication skill, intelligence, memory and education. It is the most precious and powerful gemstone in astrology.



Citrine is one of the healing gemstone. Citrine stone brings happiness in the life of the wearer. It helps to strengthen the intellect. It enhances clarity, self-confidence and psychic growth. Citrine is very helpful to reduce the depression and change the negative energy into positive.



Amethyst is a violet gemstone with lots of healing power. It is a semi-precious gemstone. It helps to calm and protect the mind. Amethyst is a meditation stone which will work in the physical and emotional planes.


Without mothers there would be no perfect clothing, hot dinners, or request to the world, yet they are regularly the most under-appreciated individual in our lives.

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

-Abraham Lincoln

Mother’s day is celebrated for the honoring of the mothers to make them happy. We are celebrating mother’s day on this Sunday, so this is the perfect time to convey our love for that lady who has selflessly offered her life to take care us. Our mothers are always there for us and that is the best opportunity to say thanks and we love you mom.

Here is a gift guide of precious jewelry that every mother will surely appreciate it.


Rings effectively highlights the excellence of a glistening diamond or gemstone, thus, it is the perfect jewelry gift for mother’s day. Apart from that, sprinkling the enchantment of shading in rings, birthstone rings like Emerald gemstone for mother studded with diamonds can be obtained from the colored rings and option rings segment. Welded in various metals, rose gold rings, yellow gold rings, and so forth will likewise make amazing moms day gemstone presents, when they are personalized using engravings and monograms.


If you want a classic look, you can gift her beautiful, simple but unique necklace to accentuate her look. Necklace or simple pendants are always giving a great look to the wearer. So without a thing about to much expensive thing you can buy it or give it as a gift for mother’s day. Your mother will surely like it.



When we talk about earring various types come into our mind like hoop earring, chandelier earring, ear cuff, ear jackets, stud earring, dangle earring, drop earring, etc. These are the impressive choice for a mother because these earrings are in trending either it is studded with diamonds or precious stone like Blue Sapphire, yellow sapphire. It will also give her a statement look. The jewel is a perfect gift for mother on the occasion of mother’s day.

Give Her A Platinum Jewelry:

This Sunday surprises your mother with another gift idea, i.e. Platinum Jewelry. Platinum is the modern material and it is used to represent the strength and care of your love. You can give her a platinum ring, pendant, necklace, earring, etc. There are many different styles and price points while you are choosing platinum. Your mother will definitely appreciate your choice and they can wear on special occasion.

Give Her A Gold Jewelry:

This is the time to remind your mother how much she means to you. This is the special time to celebrate your mother in the best way possible. She deserves a special gift as she is. Gold jewelry is any women first love. So give her a gold jewelry or coins as a gift of Mother’s day. This year, let her know there’s no other mother in the world quite like her. With this gift, you can show your mother how much you care about her too.

Sleep takes an important role in our life. Sleeping make you feel better and more energetic. Without taking sleep you cannot do work for regular hours. A deep sleep helps us throughout the day as well as helping us to complete our tasks. So it is very important to give rest to our body.  During the sleep time body gets repaired.


A good sleep is very important for our hormonal chemistry. Sometimes the sleeping disorders will occur due to mental illness and physical problems, but whenever you will know or realize that you cannot take sleep well immediately consult your doctor and gets his advice.

Analyze your horoscope from an expert astrologer who can check if you are undergoing typically challenging planetary periods that occur due to deeply incapacitating planetary positions and he/she will suggest you remedies according to your planetary positions.

Gemstones Which Help You To Sleep Well?

We all know that gemstones are very powerful and full of energy. They give both good and bad results to its native. Gemstone work by light and color to deep impact on the mental, physical and emotional balance of the native.


Pearl Gemstone:

The planet Moon is rules over the Pearl Gemstone. It is also known as succha moti is very beneficial in overcoming for sleep disorders and it brings peace to the individual

The Moon is glowing and impacts human personality, watery infirmities, heart and rest. If the moon is solid in the horoscope of the individual it guarantees a quality sleep and helps to overcome the challenges faced with insomnia, mental illness, depression etc.


Red Garnet Gemstone:

Another gem which is very effective for good sleep is Garnet Gemstone. It blesses the natives with calmness, good health and prosperity. It is an excellent gemstone to remove negativity from the mind and giving strength to the heart and boost immunity. Garnet blesses its wearer with name and fame and good fortunes.

Consistently wearing a garnet gemstone would improve in extending familiarity with your general surroundings and interfaces deeply. It adjusts the Emotional Quotient and stimulates the entire chakra system.


Amethyst Gemstone:

Amethyst Stone is said to be a master healer which can be utilized to direct irregular characteristics throughout your life. In case you’re hoping to re-establish some request and get a decent night’s rest, try placing a piece of amethyst on your chest before you fall asleep and prepare to wake up feeling a lot more harmonious.


In the old time, only the kings and high level people were used to wear gemstones. But now a day, everyone can wear gemstone recommended by Astrologers according to their date of birth and their birth chart to get the benefits of it. Every stones like  Emerald Gemstone, has its positive and negative wives,  therefore gemstone may provide both negative and positive results to the native.

According to Vedic Astrology, whenever you wear any gemstone firstly consult with your astrologer to get better benefits. Here we will discuss about the importance of wearing Pearl & Emerald Gemstone.


The 5 Best Features Of A Pearl

Pearl is a beautiful gemstone that considered with the planet moon. It is the symbol of love and beauty. Generally, pearl is found in white color but it can also be found in pink, blue, silver, yellow and black.

  1. It gives a calmness to its native.
  2. It builds self- confidence to the wearer.
  3. This gemstone impact over the heart and mind.
  4. Every pearl has its own different qualities
  5. It has the power to cease diseases from the body.

The 5 Best Astrological Benefits Of A Pearl

Pearl gemstone should be worn by those people who have a friendly moon in the horoscope. But in generally everyone can wear it as jewelry on the ornament.

  1. Pearl gemstone is very helpful to promote your general health.
  2. By wearing pearl stone, it strengths social status.
  3. It is extremely beneficial for women to cure various diseases.
  4. Pearl helps the person to remove all the mental worries and strengthens the mind of the wearer.
  5. It enhances love, care and trust in the relationship.



The 5 Best Features Of A Emerald

Emerald is the stone for Mercury Planet. If a person has weak Mercury in his/her horoscope, they can get good result from emerald. The emerald green is of various shades like peacock green, parrot green, sandal green and transparent green.

  1. Emerald gemstone is the symbol of passion and love.
  2. It is good for health and wealth.
  3. It increases happiness in the life of its native.
  4. Emerald adds patience to the personality of its native.
  5. It is said that emerald as a gift from a lover boosts the luck of the native. 

The 5 Best Astrological Benefits OfAEmerald

  1. Emerald is a very beneficial stone that protects you from the enemies.
  2. Emerald is outstanding for its healing powers. It is very beneficial for that person who suffering from some diseases likes, allergies, skin diseases, respiratory ailments and nervous disorders.
  3. It is also very helpful stone for that person who can’t concentrate on one thing.
  4. The stone is blessing for students to enhance intelligence. It is the planet of mercury, hence it helps the wearer to get new suggestions.
  5. It increases the confidence of the speaker and inspires everybody with their words and thoughts.


Despite the fact that gemstones were uncommon and displayed the awesome magnificence, they were so valuable because of the power they granted to their wearers. They are storage facilities of strengthening, transmitted through contact with one’s body.

Gemstones display their energy in an advantageous or hindering route depending upon how they are utilized. All stones or Gemstones have attractive powers in fluctuating degrees, and large portions of them are helpful to us for their remedial cures.

They transmit vibrations and frequencies which have a solid potential impact on our entire being. Here, we discuss about that which gemstone to wear in which finger?


Ruby Gemstone:

Ruby is an expensive and precious gemstone and its planet is the Sun. If Sun gives positive results in your horoscope then you should have to wear Burma Ruby Gemstone to earn more powers. Ruby ought to be worn on the ring finger of right hand on a Sunday. The individuals who are left-given can wear it on the left hand as well! One ought not to wear a Ruby of under 3 ‘ratti’. It can be worn in copper, however a few celestial prophets prescribe it to be worn in gold.


Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Blue Sapphire gemstone, precious and fast acting gemstone and its planet is Saturn. It is also called Sauri Ratna (shanipriya) loved by Saturn. Blue sapphire should be studded in gold and worn in the middle finger of right hand on Saturday.


Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald Gemstone is the stone of the planet Mercury signifies communication and intelligence and education. It is also a very expensive gemstone in the fashion world.

When you are wearing natural emerald gemstone  (panna) one thing is kept in mind that the stone should be of 3, 6 and 7 Ratti and it is studded in Gold and silver ring on the little finger of the working hand.


Coral Gemstone:

Mars planet is ruling over coral gemstone. Red Coral gemstone is very beneficial for those who have manglik dosh in their birth chart. While you are wearing Red Coral gemstone follow some steps that: the stone should be 5 to 9 Carat and it make in gold and copper. Moonga gemstone should be worn in the ring finger of your right hand.

Pearl Gemstone:

According to indian astrology- pearl represented the planet moon, which signifies for softness, charm, luster, peace, calm mind, politeness etc. Pearl stones make its unique place in the fashion world. Pearl should not be less than 5 carats and studded in gold and silver ring, wear it in the little finger of your right hand. The most important point that pearl should not be worn without washing pearl with GangaJal or milk.


Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Yellow Sapphire represents the positive powers of the planet Jupiter. It is the symbol of wise and honest. You can wear Pukhraj gemstone in Index finger of your right hand. The stone should be studded in gold. Before wearing of gemstone- dip it in cow’s milk or GangaJal for at least 10 minutes.


Diamond is most of the favorite gem for all ladies. Diamond is the symbol of richness, love, purity, beauty and rarity. Diamond is the planet of Venus. You can wear a 0.5 to 1 carat Diamond and make it in gold and silver ring and wear it in the ring finger.


Hessonite Gemstone:

Hessonite is the gemstone of Rahu Planet. According to the astrology hessonite gemstone wear to enhance the positive powers of Rahu in your life. Gomed Gemstone should be studded in silver ring and it is worn in the little/Middle finger according to the wearer birth chat.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

Cat’s Eye is the gemstone for the mythical planet ‘Ketu’ also known as ‘Dragon’s Tail’ as it is the headless lower body of the shadow planet Rahu. Cat’s Eye is fast acting gemstone. While you are wearing Cat’s Eye its minimum weight should be 7 Carat and it should be worn on Middle finger/Ring finger of the working hand according to the wearer birth chart.

All the gemstone representing the energy of planets, so when you think about to wearing gemstone it is mandatory that Firstly you have to consult with your expert astrologer. He/She will guide you best according to your birth chart.

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