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How To Wear Topaz Gemstone?


The Topaz Gemstone is known for its attractiveness and amazing cuts that make it look truly beautiful. This is the reason why it is highly being opted by women to be embedded in their jewelry items like wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Another important reason why this gemstone is preferred amongst many other gemstones is the auspiciousness that it brings along. If you wish to know how to wear the beautiful yellow topaz gemstone, then keep reading.

Topaz is the semi-precious gemstone, and it is very beneficial for the ailment of liver, appetite, cold & cough and indigestion. There are also lots of benefits of wearing topaz gemstone. It is also known as the effective healing stone. Topaz is an alternative to the yellow sapphire gemstone.

How to Wear a Topaz Gemstone

Step 1: Consult a reliable astrologer to know if you should wear a Topaz or not.

Step 2: If the Topaz suits you, then buy a natural, certified Topaz stone from a dependable and renowned seller.

Step 3: Embed the stone in gold or silver metal and in such a manner that it touches the skin so that the wearer can get the positive energies of the stone.

Step 4: Remember that the minimum weight of the Topaz stone should be 3.25 carats. The more the weight of the gem, the greater will be its power.

Step 5: Topaz should be worn on a Thursday morning, during the Shukla Paksha.

Step 6: Before the ring is worn, make sure to put it in turmeric water for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: On the day of wearing the Topaz, sit on a yellow color asana, facing the north or the northeast direction.

Step 8: Take out the ring from the turmeric water, put it over a yellow color cloth.

Step 9: Before wearing the Topaz stone, make sure to dip it in cow milk or Ganga Jal for at least ten minutes.

Step 10: Then take out the ring, burn five incense sticks and offer flowers to the Topaz ring. Chant the following mantra for 324 times.

Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum

Step 11: Wear the ring on the index finger of the right hand. Remember that the benefits of wearing a topaz gemstone are available only for a limited period of time. Usually, a Topaz ring influences the wearer for around three years, and then it starts to lose its influence. Thus, after three to four years of time, make sure to change the ring.

Step 12: Clean the Topaz ring regularly with a soft brush or with water and some gentle cleansers to remove the toxic materials assimilated into the ring and to keep it beneficial for the wearer.



Scorpio is believed to be a truly emotional yet equally mysterious zodiac sign. Those who are born between October 24 to November 21 belong to this zodiac. These people have a magnetism and uniqueness that is hard to find amongst others. Pluto rules this zodiac and influences the personality of a Scorpio. There are different natural gemstones that are said to benefit Scorpions.

Keep reading to know about five such amazing gemstones for Scorpio zodiac sign people!

1. Topaz

Topaz stone is a powerful gem for Scorpio zodiac sign people. It inspires them and influences their mind and soul. It strengthens them to meet their goals positively and efficaciously. When it comes to improving relationships, then also this stone plays a wonderful role in the lives of scorpions. And it also treats their physical and mental health.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine helps in relieving depression, stress, and anxiety amongst the scorpions. It helps them develop a stronger sense of foresight and makes them cheerful and confident. For those scorpions who are looking for peace, this can be the right stone to bring it.

3. Ruby

There are fewer stones that infuse positive energy and empower the love life of scorpions and Ruby gemstone is one of them. This precious gem helps in boosting the positive charms of the Scorpio ascendants and mitigate the negative characteristics of their personality. It heals them holistically by protecting them from negativity and brings a sense of royalty too.

4. Opal

Opal stone is believed to be a healer, a mystic, and an artist. It assists in transition or change and helps scorpions to go through such a phase with ease. It also provides the wearer a fulfilling life rich in attraction, elegance, and prosperity. This stone is also said to regulate hormones in the wearer’s body.

5. Beryl

The beryl stone is believed to bring immense joy and happiness in a somewhat pensive Scorpion. It also helps in strengthening the love life and marriages of the scorpions. A yellow colored beryl is extremely auspicious for Scorpio ascendants and can help them lead a happy life.

Things To Consider Before Wearing A Gemstone

The World Wide Web is a powerhouse of information. You can easily get information about gemstones online and know about your birthstone and the benefits that it offers. However, it is important to understand that natural gemstones will only be favorable if certain things are taken well care of.

Here, let’s take a look at some of these things that you must consider before wearing a gemstone.

Consult with an astrologer

To begin with, you must consult with an experienced astrologer before buying or wearing gemstones. It is essential to realize the importance of your chosen gem and the impact that it could have on your life.

Calculate the weight wisely

When it comes to calculating the weight of the gemstones, you can divide your body weight by 12, and the number that arrives should be the minimum weight in ‘ratti’ of the gemstones.

Phase of wearing a gemstone

A gemstone should be worn only in ‘Shukla Paksha’ which means during the bright half of the moon. No matter which gemstone are you wearing, it must be worn during this phase only.

Time of wearing a gemstone

After consultation with your astrologer, your chosen gem should be worn at the most two hours after the sunrise. It is advisable to wear the gem in the morning from 6 a.m. To 8 a.m.

A Problem you want to overcome

While the astrological benefits of gemstones are many, it is recommended to wear a gemstone or a birthstone only if you are experiencing a chronic trouble in your life, which is not parting ways with you. If a problem persists only because of lack of hard work or efforts from your side, then try to do your best to overcome it on your own.

Contact with the skin

Your chosen gemstone should be embedded in the ring in such a way that the gem comes in contact with the skin. Also, ensure that the ring is not too tight or too loose after wearing.

Checking the gem’s suitability

To understand if a gem is suitable for you or not, you can keep it under your pillow for at least three days. If you experience nightmares, then the gemstone could have a detrimental effect on your life, and in such a case you must consult your astrologer to find a solution.


Astrology, the concept that has changed the world for the better, is also known as ‘Jyotish’. A combination of ‘Jyoti’ and ‘Ish’, where Jyoti means light and Ish means knowledge, this word could be easily translated to “knowledge of light”.

The universe is created with cosmic rays, which can be seen through a prism as VIBGYOR. These seven rays of color have different impact on different planets. Astrological gems help in bringing positive effects of these radiations or lights on the human life.

How Do Natural Jyotish Gemstones work?

Astrological gemstones work by absorbing the cosmic energy from planets and providing the benefits of these powers to us. Let’s take a look at some of the essential points that govern the working of astrological gems:

Gems should be worn on the right fingers –

As every gemstone has some healing properties, it is important to wear each of the gem in the particular body part that can transfer the benefits of these properties to the wearer in the right manner. The concept is simple. You need to wear those particular gems that vibrate the same frequency as the strong planets in your birth chart do. Doing this, and wearing these gems in the right finger that transfers specific benefits, will give you great results in the long run.

Touch –

The benefits of these gemstones could only be transferred when they are worn next to the skin. This is because every gem has a different chemical structure and when it comes in contact with the body, its properties, and cosmic energies are infused into the body – helping the wearers to change their lives with the positive effects that they bring.

The color of the gemstones –

Every individual has a particular aura, which can be corrected with the right colored gems. This happens due to the fact that gemstones and their colors have a deep association with the celestial bodies of the universe. For example, the Blue Sapphire gemstone is associated with Saturn which is also Blue in color and the Yellow Sapphire is linked to Jupiter which is also Yellow in color.

Likewise, the Red Coral is the gemstone of Mars, which is also Red in color, the Emerald gemstone is connected to the Planet Mercury and both are Green in color, and the list goes on. When these gems come in contact with the cosmic energies, they receive their correspondent radiations from their governing planets and allow the cosmic power to flow to your body, healing it and providing it the benefits that those particular gemstones are known to carry.

Gemstones rituals –

Just like the location of wearing these gemstones, their colors, their touch with the body is important for them to work effectively, so are the rituals that should be performed while wearing them. Performing these rituals and chanting the right mantras for the planet associated with the gems help in correcting the flaws of the gems, if any. This means, when you perform proper astrological rituals, you help the gemstones to do their work without any hindrance.

Now that you know how astrological gemstones work, it is crucial to buy only pure, natural gemstones from a certified gemstone supplier to reap the benefits that these heavenly gemstones offer.


Over the centuries, we have been hearing about the power of Gemstones. Gemstones plays an important role in human life. Each person wears stone according to its horoscope. But when we talk about wearing gemstone in astrological way, then it must be important that Gemstone is natural because only natural stone give you benefits. A common person cannot recognize the difference between natural and heated/treated gemstone and that is why sometimes people buy synthetic gemstones.

Whenever we go to buy a colored gemstone, it is important to consider that, Is the stone natural or synthetic? Is the color natural? Is it unheated and untreated?. If we talk about local jewelry or gemstone retailer shops, they will not be able to give you such a deep knowledge of Gemstones because they do not have and they sell fake Gemstone to the customers and because of which customers have to face the problem.

Here I am sharing with you some top and best online gemstone suppliers/ dealers In India who deals in only natural gemstones. They provide gemstone to their customers online. There are a lot of benefits to buying online gemstone, You will get natural and 100% pure and astrological approve gemstone along with its issued certificate. Secondly, You see a wide range of gemstone collection from which you can buy your suitable stone. Thirdly, You can read about any of the stones while shopping online and also know about its physical properties.

So Let’s have a look at Best online gemstone suppliers/dealers in India.


Rudra Centre has one of the most extensive, unique & genuine collection of Gemstones. Buy online natural Rudraksha beads and genuine gemstones from Rudra Centre. They have a wide network of dealers and distributors across the globe.

They supply authentic and high quality Spiritual Products like Rudraksha, Gemstones, Parad, Yantra, Murtis of Gods / Goddesses, Puja and Meditation accessories and Spiritual books. They also offer Holistic Healing services like personalized online Puja and online counselling to our global clientele.


Gemstone Universe deals in natural and authentic gemstones. The Largest certified online database of natural, unheated and untreated Jyotish quality gemstones. Gemstone universe is an ocean of precious and semi-precious gemstones. They have no third party supplier unlike other Astrology Services/ Astrologers/ Consultants.

They picked gemstones directly from the mines, independent suppliers and each lot of gemstone that is picked up is done by a qualified Astro Gemologist. Each Gemstone gets certified independently by a registered and accredited Gem lab. This ensures the complete authenticity of the planetary gemstone and complete transparency. Gemstone Universe offers you natural gemstones with such exceptional clarity.

3. has been selling natural gemstones to customers all over the world at wholesale price. They have the largest collection of Precious certified gemstones, the best customer service and the most comprehensive library of gemstone information available. 9Gem even listed as a top recommended colored precious gemstone supplier by GemLab Laboratories. provide precious gemstone (like- yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, cat eye, hessonite, corals, pearl) and semi precious gemstone (like- beryl, topaz, amethyst, zircon, turquoise, opal).

Gemstones provided by are real, unheated, original and natural for best astrological results. can offer you excellent quality gems at the best competitive wholesale prices. 9Gem offer gemstone certification from GemLab Laboratories, which guarantees that all of our gemstones are natural and as advertised.

4. is a leading provider of loose gemstones, and colored gemstone jewelry on the Internet. At, you will find a wide array of natural colored gemstones – both precious stones (like Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Natural Pearl, etc.) and semi-precious stones (like Amethyst, Topaz, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, etc.).

They have 40 different types of gemstone categories online and this number is set to increase every month. They offer a free Lab Certificate with every gemstone from trusted gem laboratories in the industry.


Sehdev Jewellers deals in natural certified gemstones and all kinds of jewelry. They specialize in the supply of gemstones for the jewelry making & astrology at wholesale price. Sehdev Jewellers offer natural gemstones to jewelers, gem collectors, jewelry designers and astrologer in bulk quantity at wholesale price. Sehdev jewelers deal in only natural and certified precious gemstone (like- Sapphires, Corals, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Cat Eye, Hessonite).

They specialize in Gemstones of all shapes and sizes. They provide Gemstones and jewelry for buyers at every level around the world, shipped free and fully guaranteed.


Shubh Gems are Passionate about Gemstones & Jewellery. Shubh Gems deals in 100% Natural, Untreated & Best Quality Gemstones & Designer Jewellery. They have a team of Gem experts/Gemologists who collect best of Gemstones direct from Mines after careful examination.

They have a collection of Rare to Rarest of Gemstones like Burmese Ruby, Columbian & Zambian Emeralds, Kashmir & Ceylon Sapphires, Australian Opal, South Sea & Basra Pearls etc. All Gemstones are certified by reputed Gem Testing Laboratory. So, with each Gemstone, you receive a Laboratory Report for the Authenticity of the Gemstone you buy. Each gemstone is graded very carefully on the Quality parameters, so that the customer gets the best value for money.


HeereJawharat provide the best quality gemstones at very genuine price. All their gemstones are shipped with original and 100% guarantee of lab certificate. They provide natural and certified Precious gemstone and semi precious gemstone to their customers.

Gem Testing Authority

Here are top gem testing authorities are:
1. GIA
2. Gemlab Laboratories



Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful occasion to celebrate the commitment and love that couples share with each other. Amethyst articles and jewelry pieces have been a popular gift item for 6th wedding anniversary celebrations for a long time. With its natural luster and mesmerizing purple appearance, an amethyst looks not only elegant but very romantic as well.

The amethyst stone has been said to offer protection and increase intelligence while bringing tranquillity to its surroundings. It is said that Saint Valentine used to wear an amethyst ring engraved with cupid. This makes amethyst a great gift for romantic and intimate events.

So, let’s take a look at some amethyst inspired gift ideas for 6th wedding anniversaries.

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Amethyst Gifts for Your Spouse

If you are planning to buy a gift for your partner to show your love on your 6th wedding anniversary, then these purple stone items could be a perfect choice. Apart from looking extremely gorgeous, this gemstone is also said to repel negative energy.

Amethyst gift for 6th anniversary

You can gift your wife a beautiful stone ring or necklace embedded with amethyst to declare your commitment. Since it is a semi precious gemstone, amethyst jewelry is not very expensive. A wide range of women’s accessories like earrings, brooches, pendants, bracelets and more are available in the market these days. You can even buy these in a variety of metals, along with various other precious and semi-precious stones.

For the gentlemen, amethyst rings and bracelets can be a wonderful gift idea. If you are looking for something minimalistic, opt for tie pins and cufflinks to give to your husband on your 6th wedding anniversary. Other contemporary options include amethyst stone studded drinking glasses and designer watches. The stone is very versatile, which means it goes well with any metal and looks great on every skin type.

Amethyst is also the February birthstone. So, if your spouse celebrates their birthday in February, gifting amethyst also shows that you put in efforts towards buying a gift for them.

Amethyst Gifts for Couples

Thinking about what to gift to your friends on their 6th wedding anniversary? Ditch the conventional items and go for something that not only looks good, but stays for a long time as well. One of the most popular gift items these days is the love band set. It consists of two rings, embedded with amethyst and can even be personalized with names or messages on the inner side of the band. Amethyst love bands look magnificent and come at a lesser price than rings with other precious and semi-precious gemstones. An alternative to the love bands is the amethyst inspired couples’ watches which are the perfect gift for any wedding anniversary.

You can also look for other decorative options such as purple stone embedded lamp stands, designer wall clocks, and table clocks. Other home décor items like amethyst vases and decorative statues also make a great anniversary gift because they add a bling to the house and are supposed to attract positivity and happiness.


People born in October enjoy a special birthday month as the autumn makes a path for winters. The perfect weather and holiday season ensures that your birth month is very relaxing and joyous. October babies are known to be very cheerful and optimistic in general. The same applies to the October Birthstones as well. Opal and Tourmaline, the two October stones, are popular for their vibrant colors and soothing characteristics.

Opal and Tourmaline both are semi precious gemstones. People born in October enjoy a special birthday month as the autumn makes a path for winters. The perfect weather and holiday season ensures that your birth month is very relaxing and joyous. October babies are known to be very cheerful and optimistic in general. The same applies to the October Birthstones as well. Opal and Tourmaline, the two October stones, are popular for their vibrant colors and soothing characteristics.Opal and Tourmaline both are semi precious gemstones.

If you are looking for a present for an October baby, or just want to pamper yourself on your birthday, getting an opal or tourmaline can be a great idea. Not only are these believed to bring good health and tranquility to the wearer, the shimmering gems make a wonderful accessory as well.

What are Birthstones?

Every gem is supposed to have different compositions, luster and even impact on people wearing them. There are different gemstones associated with various months of the year. It is said that these stones have a therapeutic influence on people and often bring good luck, health, and mental well-being. Wearing a birthstone, during the respective month, especially is considered to make you happier and peaceful.

Birthstones for October

This month has two Birthstones – Opal and Tourmaline. While both of these differ in their design and composition, these stones are equally alluring due to their shiny and vibrant colors. Now let us talk about these gems individually:


This October birthstone symbolizes purity and brings innocence, hope, and faith to the person wearing it. The structure of Opal gemstone is unique with 3-21 percent water in its composition, which gives it a “play of color” aspect, making it a fantastic accessory as a ring or pendant. The stone changes color in different environmental conditions and is believed to indicate the wearer’s physical and mental health. It is also said to have healing properties, effective in curing eye infections, strengthening memory and enhancing the creativity of the one who wears the stone.


Opals can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from flaming red and yellows to various hues of pink, magenta, white and black. The wide range of colors makes them a great choice for those who love colorful semi-precious gemstones and, wish to add as many of them as they could, in their gemstones collections.

How to take care of an Opal stone?

Due to the high water content, opals are one of the most delicate gems. These are prone to damage due to mild scratching, and can easily crack or craze when exposed to high temperature, dehydration or direct light for a long span of time. This is why it is advised to take extra caution while wearing an alluring Opal. People prefer to wear these in pendants as it allows less direct contact as compared to a ring.

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Known as the “Peace Stone”, this gemstone is believed to help its wearer take control over their anger and fear. Like the Opal stone, Tourmaline also supposedly brings tranquility and peace and enhances the creativity of the person who wears it. The name “Tourmaline” roughly translates to “the stone of mixed colors”, due to its structure showcasing various hues of the rainbow colors. The stone develops these colors as per the composition of various minerals.


Each gem has a unique color pattern owing to the complex ways in which these minerals combine. Another interesting characteristic of Tourmaline is its ability to turn magnetic when heavy heat or pressure is applied.

How to take care of a Tourmaline gemstone?

Unlike Opal, Tourmaline is not very delicate and can withstand comparatively harsh exposure to heat, water or pressure. However, such exposure should be avoided at all costs to avoid damaging gemstones. When it comes to cleaning tourmaline, mild soapy water can do the work.

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