Lab Certified Natural Gemstone


Gemstones are considered to be directly related to our destiny or fate. Governed by the nine planets of the solar system, gemstones can make or break someone’s life. Caution needs to be maintained while wearing these and astrological advice must be sought before wearing a gemstone.

If you are looking for professional success, which is long awaited by you, this is the time that you meet an astrologer to boost your career. However, ensure that you bought the right gemstones and wore them the way they are advised to be worn.
Some of the best gemstones for career success are:

Garnet Gemstone (Hessonite): Hessonite gemstone is also known as gomed, it adds to your personality and lands up to the job of your choice. It is said to balance or kindle the entire chakra system from the base chakra to the crown. It needs to be mentioned that the stone was worn as a sign of luck by the warriors. It enhances the scope of your candidature and gets you selected for the interview if you are wearing or carrying it in your bag. Businesses and corporate prefer keeping it in the register or hang it from the ceiling for business success.

Cat’s eye: Cat’s Eye gemstone is also known as Lehsunia or Vaiduria, it is identified as the “stone of success”. Also, referred to as the “tail of the dragon”, it is said to subdue one’s enemies and remove the ill effects of people with ill intentions. It is also said to improve psychic abilities, mystical experiences, and divine knowledge. It also has the ability to control the flow of energy, which removes creative blocks.

Ruby: It helps in maintaining calm for personal and career success. It is the gemstone for desire and luck. It is also said to confer designation, reputation, and luck. It also helps in getting support from state-run agencies and administration. Ruby gemstone aids in establishing goals and channelizing the energy toward that goal. However, one has to work hard to achieve that goal.

Sodalite: It is associated with efficiency, intelligence, knowledge, balance, and courage. Wearing this stone bestows immense confidence in people who are introverts, allowing free expression when it comes to facing others. It also enhances the endurance of the body and is therefore known as the stone of athletics as it stimulates endurance. It also instills knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, wisdom, and communication. It is best suited for teachers, actors, and performers.

Coral: It is believed to provide substantial pleasure for the wearer. It is used for recognition at work, the stability of career and success in business. Wearing the stone is sure to bestow one with social status and wealth. It is also known as the prosperity stone.

Emerald: Governed by the planet Mercury, which signifies commercial, communication, intelligence, education and intuition, Emerald gemstone helps in success in a career as it enhances the ability to learn, intellect and memory. It does wonders for the people who are looking for jobs for the first time or students sitting for exams as it clears the negative energy.

Black Onyx: It helps in preserving the positive energy of a person, which can be used to channelize the energy into the required fields of business. The onyx stone helps to establish a strong foundation for any kind of growth It can be used as a candle holder or as a jewelry piece.

Fluorite: If you don’t focus on your career, it’s time you did with the Fluorite gemstone. The positive energy of the stone creates a link between the mind and the heart, which helps you get a clear picture of your dreams and career aspirations. It brings about clarity, purpose, and order in your life.

Citrine: Ruled by the Sun, the stone absorbs direct energy from the star to further radiate it in one’s body. If you are going for a job interview or wish to progress in your career, wear this to work for that acknowledgment you have been looking for all these years. Derived from the French word Lemon, the stones are transparent and yellow. They are responsible for bringing happiness and good luck to anyone’s life.

These popular gemstones are known for their unique and varied properties that help in the advancement of different aspects of the human being. However, it has to be worn the right way. Ensure that it touches the body at all times. Some gemstones need to be worn with the right kind of metal, Gold or silver. They can be worn as a ring or as a pendant. If you are buying gemstones online, ensure that you get the certificate of authentication from the online store.


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